1501 barton springs road #230, austin, texas 78704



Renovating existing structures and converting, repairing, and restoring them into something new continuously proves to be a challenge full of opportunities to show the client the unimaginable. 

Spazio Showroom
, Austin, Texas

Spazio, an Art and Furniture Showroom in Downtown Austin, Texas used to be a mechanic shop for automobiles.

The long and open space had spindly concrete columns lined up off center, grease spotted concrete floors, and very little natural light.

More substantial faux columns were designed and constructed to wrap around the existing ones to give a more permanent appearance, add character, and enable the design of separate galleries within the main one.   

Painting walls, ceilings and floors in pale grays gave the Showroom the opportunity to act as a blank canvas in which colorful pieces of art and furniture stood out and allured the customers.

Solar white screens in pulleys were installed to separate each gallery and allow flexibility for the rotating displays of artists and designers.

A lighting expert was consulted and lights on tracks were placed strategically to create the best possible atmosphere and re-create natural light.

There are many restrictions when doing work for a School District: budgetary constraints and existing conditions can make it very challenging at times. 

The end results of every one of these renovated spaces continue to satisfy the end user 100%.